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Ginger Sloan

Founding Principal

Ginger Sloan is an entrepreneur at heart. She embodies service and leadership by utilizing her skills and resources to meet client and team needs. She is a loving mother of four and has learned to balance her busy lifestyle by surrounding herself with top-tier players who aid in collaborative businesses building and support. Ginger is a proud Choctaw native and as a woman business owner, her primary focus is to give back to her community at every chance she gets!

Our skilled people and technology make the difference every day. With combined expertise and industry experience, we raise the standard of company efficiency and security, one relationship at a time. Through our collaborative efforts, we work to take the worry out of medical transciption services. We look forward to learning more about how we can serve you!

Brandi Kennedy, Director of Operations h

Brandi Kennedy

Director of Operations


Liz Barclay

Transcription Mgr.

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