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PAYNETWORX  helps local hospitals and clinics, as well as state and private healthcare facilities, by partnering with them to offer processing services and products that are tailored for this industry. With an array of high-tech payment tools, Paynetworx creates seamless and efficient transactions for these healthcare entities and their clients.

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  • Zero Security Breaches in 28 years (with industry-defying track record of only 6 hours downtime over this period)

  • Business to Bank/Bank to Business Transactions at Level 1,2 & 3 Processing (only 2 processors in the US hold this status)

  • Cost Reduction and Profit Increase with custom in-house software solutions that create record speed and revenue-enhancing processing

  • True Processing Platform (one of only 8 in the US) in contrast to industry re-sellers 

  • Total Integration with diverse access points/devices (mobile, PC, ET to internet,  merchant/host interfaces, and POS) along with direct connections to VISA, AmEx, Mastercard and Discover Card

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  • Leading 100% Cloud-Based Processing within the industry, allowing for better rates with lower overhead

  • Fractioned Server Costs at 10% the cost of local servers, with substantially elevated security

  • Front-End, Back-End and Gateway Services that position them as an acquirer and an issuer (unlike other companies using third-party services)

  • Integrated Solutions with recurring payment and auto-renewal services

  • End-User Incentives through merchant cash advance/gift & loyalty solutions, which are legally compliant according to Visa/MasterCard cash discount guidelines  

Encore is a proud partner of Paynetworx and their exceptional array of resources.

Find out how Paynetworx can help you save  10-40% on your processing fees today!

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